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Mitsubishi Drives The I-MiEV Electric Car For The Battery Problem In The Day
Mar 06, 2017

Mitsubishi Motors is a headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the car manufacturer, last year by another Japanese car manufacturer Nissan Motor Company successfully acquired. On March 2, 2017, the company submitted to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport a recall (recovery or unpaid repair) of its models. According to the report, the company's "i-MiEV" electric vehicle equipped with the drive battery (battery centralized management unit) there is a risk of failure, so the need to accept the recall operation.

The recall of the operation involved a total of 3373 Mitsubishi "i-MiEV" electric vehicles. These vehicles are the vehicles that the company produced between July 4, 2009 and September 27, 2010.

It is necessary for the Mitsubishi Motors to recall these vehicles because there are some problems with the control procedures of the battery centralized management unit used to determine the battery voltage and temperature information among the batteries used for their use.

The battery may not be able to generate the driving force required for the advancement of the vehicle if the vehicle is backwards in a state where the battery voltage fluctuates temporarily when the vehicle starts driving at the ramp. In the event of such a situation, needless to say forward, the vehicle may even slide down from the slope.

In order to completely solve this risk, Mitsubishi Motors will recall all the vehicles of the battery centralized management unit control procedures to change, update to become the correct version. Up to now, six such failures have occurred, but it is gratifying that there has been no traffic accident.

The reason why this problem can be found is because the company not only has a good market feedback system, but also the feedback back to the information with a serious attitude.