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National Conference On Science And Technology Of Light Industry Held In Beijing
Dec 09, 2016

On October 24, the China National light industry Council (the light) in Beijing held a National Conference on Science and technology of light industry. Theme of the Conference is: implement the spirit of the National Conference on technological innovation, review "Twelve-Five" technology of light industry, in recognition of advanced analysis of light technology work is facing new situations and new problems, light industry under the new situation the forward deployment of the technology.

Zhang Chonghe, President of the China light industry Federation to address the General Assembly. He fully affirmed the "Twelve-Five" light's remarkable achievements of science and technology, are industry independent innovation system gradually improved. , Including batteries, paper, food, leather, home appliances, daily chemical, light industry, machinery and other light industries have established a research innovation team, forming a light industry technology innovation platform; the second is a significant technological innovations the industry significantly. China Light Industry Association Awards a total of 662 selected award-winning projects of science and technology, a number of major scientific and technological achievements reached the international advanced level. Zhang Huichang battery industry in his speech spoke of the high-performance secondary battery electrode and electrolyte materials and related technology, 17 scientific research won the State technological invention award; the third is equipped with autonomous levels rising. Some labour-intensive industry and equipment upgrades, and vigorously promote mechanization, numerical control and automation, intelligent device applications; four were positive developments in the energy saving and emission reduction. Zhang Huichang summarized key industry performance, noted that lead-acid battery industry after special treatment, access auditing, business decreased from more than 1800 companies over more than 300.

Zhang Huichang hope various sectors of light industry to grasp the national light industry technology innovation in the new period of the new requirements. A central technology for light industry technology innovation to indicate the direction of the General Assembly; the second is national industrial policy-light technological innovation, focusing on three national scientific and technological reform of light industry technology innovation mechanism put forward new requirements.