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National Lead Battery Recovery Pilot Committee Was Established In Beijing
Mar 23, 2017

March 21, the national environmental protection lead-acid battery production and recycling of pollution prevention and control engineering and technology center lead battery recycling pilot committee (hereinafter referred to as "pilot committee") will be held in Beijing. From the National Development and Reform Commission of the Ministry of Resources Conservation and Environmental Protection, Ministry of Environmental Protection of Solid Waste and Chemical Management Technology Center, the State Environmental Protection Lead Acid Battery Production and Recycling Recycling and Pollution Control Engineering Technology Center, the relevant industry associations, battery companies and renewable lead production , Recycling business representatives on behalf of nearly 40 delegates.


The company has 21 enterprises and China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, China Renewable Resources Recycling Association, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Co., Ltd., China Nonferrous Metals Industry Co., Ltd., China Nonferrous Metals Industry Co., Ltd., China Nonferrous Metals Industry Co., Ltd. Association, China Battery Industry Association, Shenyang Institute of Battery, Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Alliance to join the battery. The committee consists of over 80% of the production capacity of the battery production and recycled lead, including all industry related associations.

As we all know the lead acid battery is not envirnoment protection battery.

So now most of people choose li-ion battery!

The problem is how to choose that kinds of lead acid battery replacement !

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