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Nearby Shows Customizations Of POS Terminals On Cards 2017 KC Certificate For POS Battery
May 25, 2017

Between May 23 and 25, Ingenico in the 22nd edition of Cards 2017, 

congress on means of payments, card market and innovations for retail.

 The event takes place at Transamerica Expo, in the city of São Paulo.

 It will be the opportunity to check the payment machines that stand out, mainly, 

for their innovations customized for different audiences and occasions when the use of cards is required.

"The use of cash is decreasing every day and the use of credit or debit cards continues to grow.

 Therefore, we have to think broadly to serve all the public and market demands,"

 says the POS Unit Manager at Nearby, Diego Silva.

One of the equipment is the POS Velocity Accessibility,

 which was created to cater to the visually impaired public. 

The terminal has a braille keypad and audio output via headphone jack. 

In addition, another version uses Mifare technology that allows charging 

/ recharging of cards / wristbands and is ideal for application at parties, 

nightclubs, bus and train fare payments.

Ingenico and bitel will be attend this fair.

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