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Nearly Eight Percent Of Lithium Battery Business Last Year, Net Profit Growth Car Prices This Year Or Good Times No Longer
Feb 28, 2017

With the total sales of new energy vehicles in 2016 exceeded 500,000, as an important part of electric vehicles, structural excess capacity to make power lithium battery listed companies last year to achieve substantial profits.

According to flush statistics show that as of February 23, 122 announced 2016 annual report performance notice of the lithium battery company, in accordance with the notice of the biggest changes in net profit margin, nearly Bacheng enterprises to achieve a net profit growth. Among them, the maximum net profit margin of more than 100% increase in the number of enterprises reached 48; notice net profit limit of over 100 million yuan of enterprises up to 68.

Among them, BYD is expected in 2016 net profit of up to 5.2 billion. And by virtue of the traditional fluoride market stabilized rebound, so that more benefit from the fluorine more significant, the company expects 2016 net profit of 529 million yuan, an increase of up to 1250%

However, with the introduction of new energy vehicles in 2017, power battery companies will reduce the cost of pressure. Lithium industry experts told reporters that part of the electric vehicle vehicle factory in 2017 for the battery manufacturers price requirements than in 2016 to reduce 35% -40%. 2017 new energy car manufacturers in order to ensure their own brand of market and profits, will strictly control the cost of supporting power lithium battery, low power battery manufacturers prices.

In fact, from the threshold of the industry to improve the "power battery industry standard conditions (2017 years)" to establish a perfect waste power battery utilization standard system of "new energy vehicle power battery recycling Interim Measures" (draft) , And then in January this year, involving the battery than the energy and cost of the "auto industry long-term development plan", the relevant departments for the power lithium battery industry introduced a series of policies to power lithium battery industry full flowering.

In the 122 announced 2016 annual report performance notice of the lithium battery company, 5.2 billion net profit income makes BYD ranked first; ranked second in the transit technology notice net profit of 1.778 billion yuan, an increase of 80%; Industry to 1.689 billion yuan income ranked third, up 581% year on year. Net profit growth, the lion technology is expected in 2016 to achieve net profit of 160 million yuan, an increase of up to 5647.95%;

It is worth noting that, in terms of technology, heaven-sent materials, Cangzhou Pearl and Ke Heng shares and other representatives of the lithium cathode materials, electrolytes, equipment, lithium batteries and other segments of the enterprise, its 2016 performance year-on-year rise, Net profit increased by 652%, 310%, 150% and 148% respectively. In contrast, even if the net profit year on year increase is not high billion Wei Li can, its 2016 net profit also reached 242 million yuan to 284 million yuan.

In addition, the reporter found that most of the power lithium battery business announced that although the main business into the rapid growth period, but due to strong market demand, product demand, resulting in the backlog of orders, product sales prices increased significantly, to promote the company operating income and profits The scale of rapid growth.