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Raw Material Production Data Of Lithium Batteries In January
Feb 27, 2017

In January, the output of lithium iron phosphate cathode material was 2602 tons, and the yield was 33.3%. Low yield of the main reasons: 1, the new energy vehicles subsidy policy changes lead to battery factory downtime, the purchase of iron lithium suspension; 2, iron and lithium enterprises 2016 production is too high, the stock to be digested; 3, to meet the battery factory energy density requirements, Part of the iron and lithium enterprises to stop technical transformation. Xin Cai information that in January coincides with the Spring Festival, with all aspects of wait and see attitude, small and medium enterprises generally produce 0 production response, only a few manufacturers to maintain more than 50% production capacity is expected in February production will be significantly picked up

January ternary cathode material statistics output 5220 tons, yield 81%. Due to the Spring Festival factors, mainstream enterprises generally shut down for a week, subdivision point of view, Shanshan, Zhenhua, Jinrui three production showed an expansion trend. Enterprises said that in January the market is not much volatility, although the new policy introduced good ternary material, but the short term has not yet significantly boost, so the main business to the main production. A lot in the expansion of enterprises will accelerate the progress of expansion.

In January, the output of negative electrode material was 10,800 tons, and the yield was 85.7%. Overall, the situation in January is generally a slight decline, in which large-scale enterprise production changes little, while the decline in output of SMEs is more obvious, the main reason is the Spring Festival factors, on the other hand in the new energy vehicle battery energy density requirements Later, part of the negative material needs from the oil coke for the needle coke, technical change caused by downtime.

In January, the statistical output of electrolytes was 8490 tons, and the yield was 88.3%. Electrolyte market operation is relatively stable, the basic production of enterprises, Taurus due to customer demand for production there is a certain decline. The company said that customer demand in January has been weak trend, but taking into account the pre-holiday stocking factors, it still maintained a high yield. The overall production is expected to decline in February.