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Rechargeable Batteries Reviews
May 13, 2017

Cable market this week, prices stable, sales of digital batteries and power batteries out of the independent market. Into the May after the digital battery into the traditional off-season, the core sales situation worse than in April, business inventories began to increase; with the diaphragm, electrolyte and other product prices fell significantly, the market has expected price cuts; The situation is still tight, but it is better than in April, Samsung 26F mainstream transaction price of 10.5 yuan / month or so. Power batteries, the mainstream manufacturers have improved sales, such as Qingdao Guoxuan ternary battery products in short supply, is expected to double production capacity in the second half to meet the needs of car prices. Market News, SAIC and CATL will set up a joint venture to set up the era of SAIC Power Battery Co., Ltd. and SAIC Power Battery System Co., Ltd., power battery company registered capital of 2 billion, CATL 51% share, SAIC accounted for 49%; battery system company registered capital 3 Billion, SAIC 51% share, CATL shares 49%.

To Friday, the domestic market, the mainstream of lithium cobalt oxide market price of 40-41 million / ton, low of 39 million / ton there are transactions, higher than the previous 42 million / ton, down 20,000 yuan / ton. From the beginning of this year to the present, by the previous rise in the price of cobalt, lithium cobalt oxide prices from 22 million / ton all the way soared to a maximum of 420,000 yuan / ton, with the recent decline in cobalt prices, product prices also fell slightly. By the downstream digital battery to accept the limited extent of the impact, from the Spring Festival after the market, the overall sales of lithium cobalt oxide market is poor, while the high price of cobalt, manufacturers expectations of the market outlook is uncertain, so many manufacturers in April production has decreased The Lithium cobalt oxide production is concentrated in China, mainly concentrated in the hands of several veteran manufacturers, the recent prices of these manufacturers have also come down, sales can still be. In addition, the recent rise in the price of lithium carbonate, lithium cobalt oxide product prices are still some support.

Cobalt: Cobalt prices continue to decline slightly this week, cobalt market, the momentum of cooling significantly. The domestic market wait and see mood is more heavy, no improvement in the transaction, to Friday, electrolytic cobalt offer for the 365000-375000 yuan / ton, down last week, 5,000 yuan / ton; three cobalt oxide is also weak trend, buy up do not buy the mentality of heavy Now, now 36000-38000 yuan / ton, down 1,000 yuan / ton.

 Lithium carbonate: the recent domestic lithium carbonate market began to start, now the battery-grade mainstream price of lithium carbonate in the 13.5-13.8 million / ton, industrial grade lithium carbonate price in the 12.5-128 million / ton, compared with January prices, Or 8-10%, this price is the lithium carbonate manufacturers and manufacturers of the agreement price, many small and medium-sized materials manufacturers reflect the current market price of 14 million / ton has been difficult to buy goods. And this rally seems to be continuing. The main reason for the rise in lithium carbonate prices is: 1, the downstream demand gradually released. Positive value of 4 - 5 months, both lithium iron phosphate, ternary material operating rate has been improved; 2, lithium carbonate production is generally stable, limited capacity to release space. Plus the representatives of manufacturers of equipment maintenance, short-term corresponding reduction in production, the market supply is limited.