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Rechargeable Battery For Portable Device
Apr 17, 2017

It is a portable device designed to regulate the flow of fluids administered to the patient under positive pressure generated by the pump.

Because they allow more accurate fluid delivery, infusion pumps have proven to be useful in applications such as continuous epidural anesthesia, administration of IV cardiovascular drugs, chemotherapy, and auto-transfusion, as well as in pediatric applications and for home IV therapy. Blood infusions can also be performed with most pumps, although some pumps require a special administration set for this application.
In SKMC, infusion pump correct many errors had been happened few years back like , inappropriate infusion dose, delaying medicine administration due to busy staff, forgetting the administration time, and increase syringe waste. Providing such device consider as a cost-effective tools beside it increase patient and staff satisfaction of the management plan.

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