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Redding Auto Releases Lithium Core Technology
Mar 07, 2017

In recent years, China's low-speed electric vehicles have made rapid development, the average annual growth rate of up to 50% or more. However, with the increase in the number of low-speed electric vehicles, followed by the "low technical threshold, product homogeneity serious, the industry lack of supervision" and a series of issues have become increasingly prominent.

To this end, in October last year, multi-ministries jointly reported the "low-speed electric vehicle management on the issue of the request" to "upgrade a group, standardize a group, out of a number of" the overall idea by the State Council agreed, low-speed electric vehicle standards The development was put on the agenda.

Although the low-speed electric vehicle management standards and methods have not yet formally introduced, but it is undeniable that the technology upgrade is a major trend in the future development of the industry. Battery as the core components of electric vehicles, more efficient and lightweight lithium battery or will replace the current lead-acid batteries, and become the mainstream of the future industry.