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Samsung Li-ion Battery On The Oscar To Advertise On The Distributor
Feb 28, 2017

The first ad said: "Quality is our priority." The second ad emphasizes Samsung's 8-point battery safety inspection process. Samsung said that after such a rigorous testing, the phone will no longer fire accident.

In the last ad, YouTube Reds Casey Neistat and Simone Giertz, inventor of the "inferior robot", played the future creator.

Samsung often conducts event marketing during the Oscar awards ceremony. Last year, Samsung provided Gear VR virtual reality equipment to William Macy, and 2015 host Ellen DeGeneres held a self-timer with his Samsung phone. This year's ad shows that Samsung is concerned about last year's battery bombings, hoping to raise public confidence in its products through advertising.

In the United States local time Monday evening Oscar awards ceremony, Samsung played three new ads. In recent years, Samsung has tried to use the Oscar opportunity to sell products. And this year Samsung also hope to take this opportunity to ensure that users will not happen again last year, Galaxy Note 7 battery fire explosion.