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Samsung S8 Will Decrease The Capacity Battery
Feb 15, 2017
Recently, according to the South Korean media announced the Samsung S8 series of new machine battery capacity, which 5.7-inch Samsung S8 will be equipped with 3000mAh capacity battery, and 6-inch Samsung S8 Plus will be equipped with 3500mAh capacity battery, and these batteries will be Samsung SDI and Japan Murata co-provided. But there are other exposure news that Samsung last week, has updated the battery supplier's production road map, Samsung S8 series of two new battery capacity were 3250mAh and 3750mAh. In order to avoid the same mistakes, Samsung S8 battery should be less than the Samsung Note 7 battery capacity is small, in order to ensure the endurance of the case, or to safety as the most important, as to which the message is more accurate, or to wait for official release see the outcome.