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Samsung SDI / LG / Tesla Zhai To Gather The Solution To Read The Power Battery Business Why The Pursuit Of The European Plant
Jun 02, 2017

May 29, Samsung SDI invested 358 million US dollars in Hungary Goed construction of the power battery factory was officially completed. It is said that the factory mainly produces high-power, high-efficiency EV battery, covers an area of about 330,000 square meters, with an annual capacity of 50000 electric vehicles can be equipped with Samsung SDI latest technology is expected to start operation in the second quarter of 2018 The At this point, Samsung SDI in Korea Ulsan, China Xi'an, Hungary Goed electric car battery global triangle production structure has been completed.

In fact, as one of the three major electric car market in Europe, has long attracted a lot of domestic and foreign battery giants attention, Tesla, Samsung, LG, Johnson Controls and other enterprises in the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, France and other places We have built or proposed a factory.

High power lithium network carding found that the battery giant site selection of the main building in Europe have the following reasons:

1, occupy the new energy vehicles in the main market, and demand was a good momentum of rapid growth. In 2016, Europe, including electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles, including new energy vehicles, total sales of 20.65 million, an increase of 9.7% compared to 2015.

2, closer to the market distance, easy to quickly recharge the battery business customers, user needs. Europe has Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Opel and many other auto brands, and these car prices have been launched new energy vehicles plan, close to the car prices will be more conducive to enterprise technology reference and improvement.

3, reduce business costs, including logistics costs and high-quality human labor costs. Europe has a good national industrial base, responsible for the management of the production line of Samsung Electronics Huang Genwei (sound) Minister has said, "Hungary in the basic science education level is very high, the national technical level is good" and "wages only equivalent to South Korea's One third to half the level. "

4, the Government to provide support. The European government to actively encourage the development of electric vehicles to Hungary, for example, the government's long-term equipment investment or mold investment in the implementation of corporate tax rebate policy, and from the perspective of capital exporting countries, the Chinese Ministry of Industry has publicly supported domestic power battery enterprises to foreign investment Build factories.

From the current point of view, overseas factories only have a certain strength of the battery business fist, local enterprises to be prepared to accept the impact. Analogy in Europe, China is equally equal to the more important electric car market, in the future completely open the market, is bound to undertake in addition to Samsung, LG more overseas battery giant construction plans. Let us take the European as a reference to see what future overseas battery companies will visit China?

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