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Sanyuan Lithium Battery Market Out Who Can Seize The Initiative
Feb 15, 2017

With the introduction of new energy vehicles subsidy policy, ternary batteries or will usher in explosive growth. Therefore, the three yuan lithium battery enterprises to become an important position in the strategic layout, many domestic and foreign lithium enterprises to actively expand the construction of three yuan battery project to seize market share.

Ternary battery demand surge in market potential

In the policy-driven, the current new energy vehicle market structure changes, new energy passenger cars, new energy vehicles gradually increased the proportion of new energy passenger cars, new energy vehicles mainly to three yuan battery-based. It is foreseeable that the future demand for ternary batteries, will show a rapid growth trend. According to the above-mentioned passenger car and special vehicle production forecast, assuming EV and PHEV passenger cars need an average of 22KWh each battery, the average electric vehicle is 18KWh each, it is expected in 2018 will need three yuan battery will exceed 49GWh. From the 2015 power lithium battery production composition, lithium iron phosphate battery accounted for up to 69% or more. According to forecasts, although by 2018, ternary battery production will be more than the impact of iron, up to 36.50GWh, still difficult to meet the downstream demand.

2017 power battery system upgrade will be highlighted in the field of three yuan lithium battery, which high nickel ternary / silicon anode system will be 2017 years of business development and production focus. In fact, 2016 high nickel ternary battery research and development and production has been "a prairie fire trend." Compared with lithium iron phosphate and low nickel ternary materials, high nickel ternary materials due to the increase in the proportion of nickel, in the energy than the greater advantage. High nickel type NCA (nickel cobalt aluminum), NCM622 and NCM811 ternary power battery is the most important direction of development. Therefore, the starting point of research (SPIR) forecast, 2017 ternary material prices will rise significantly, the growth rate is expected to more than 20%.

Ternary battery lithium battery enterprises to become an important position in the strategic position

According to estimates, in 2020 ternary battery demand up to 55.4GWh (including passenger cars) or 50.5GWh (excluding passenger cars), compared to 2015 growth of 11.6 times or 10.5 times. At present, the three yuan battery has become an important position in the strategic layout of lithium enterprises. Although the first half of last year due to the "three yuan battery ban" policy, lithium enterprises have three yuan in the battery production to take a conservative attitude, slow down the ternary battery project pace. However, since the Ministry of Industry announced the "automotive power battery industry standard conditions" directory (the fourth batch) in 32 enterprises have 21 business main business for the three yuan battery, followed by "three yuan battery lifted" and new energy vehicle subsidy policy Double impact, domestic and foreign lithium enterprises have the layout of the three yuan battery market, to seize the three yuan battery market share.


BYD is the world's second largest and the largest power battery manufacturers, has been insisting on the technical route of lithium iron phosphate battery, is the world's lithium iron phosphate battery technology leader. Now BYD also began large-scale layout of three yuan lithium battery, according to BYD Deputy Secretary Li Qian said, BYD will expand the future of Sanyuan lithium battery layout, 2016 BYD expected battery capacity 10GWh, 2017 new three-cell battery 5-6GWh.