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Servicemax Launched RFID Service, Can Be Found In Advance Equipment Anomalies
May 05, 2017

Servicemax, a field service technology company, announced a partnership with software services company PTC to launch a system that uses RFID, satellite, LoRa RF, or WiFi technology to alert you when a device begins to fail.

The system, known as Networked Field Service (CFS), was launched last year and is being used by equipment manufacturers, maintenance companies and equipment users. These users have utility companies, oil and gas companies and manufacturers. Amit Jain, senior director of product management at ServiceMax, said CFS uses a variety of wireless technologies, including RFID, to capture sensor data.

ServiceMax provides field service software and mobile applications to help manage assets (everything from wind turbines or elevators to small appliances). The software is designed to manage asset and field service-related data and to assist in future service planning. It can help users to service scheduling planning, tracking parts and asset inventory.

The technician can also use the ServiceMax mobile application (for iOS, Android, or Windows) to enter the ID number of the asset to see the details of a particular asset, record the history of the part usage, the service information, and its time. Jain explains that the data is collected, managed, and stored on cloud services.

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