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Shanghai Last Year, New Energy Vehicles Subsidy Policy In 2017 To Continue The Effective Amount Will Be Slipping
Feb 22, 2017

February 19, Shanghai Economic Commission official microblogging that Shanghai's current "Shanghai to encourage the purchase and use of new energy vehicles Interim Measures (revised in 2016)" and "Shanghai Economic Information Commission, Shanghai New Energy Vehicle Promotion Leadership Notice of the Office of the Group on the Measures for Encouraging the Purchase and Use of New Energy Vehicles in Shanghai and other matters "will continue to be valid in 2017. On the specific subsidy policy will be adjusted as soon as possible after the release.

It is understood that on April 1, 2016, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government issued the "Shanghai to encourage the purchase and use of new energy vehicles Interim Measures (revised in 2016)", the temporary way to clear the Shanghai 2016-2017 new energy vehicles to promote the use of Subsidy standards, pure electric passenger cars according to the maximum mileage of the maximum subsidy 30,000 yuan; plug-in hybrid passenger cars (driving range R ≥ 50) subsidies 10,000 yuan.

Pure electric bus (standard car) according to the driving range, the unit capacity of the energy consumption of the maximum subsidy of 250,000 yuan; pure electric, plug-in hybrid and other special vehicles, trucks to promote the use of subsidy standards: by the battery capacity per kilowatt hours Subsidies do not exceed 1,500 yuan, and will be based on product type, performance indicators to further refine the subsidy standards. Fuel cell passenger car subsidies 200,000 yuan, fuel cell light passenger cars, trucks subsidies 400,000 yuan, large and medium-sized passenger cars, heavy truck subsidies 600,000 yuan. It is noteworthy that, in addition to fuel cell vehicles in Shanghai, the subsidy standards in accordance with the cumulative sales gradually retreat.