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Shortage Of Raw Material For Li-ion Battery
Feb 24, 2017

In the past three or four months time, cobalt prices almost doubled. And the treatment of other varieties of cement and other differences in the differences and cautious completely different, brokerage agencies are almost all expected to rise further cobalt prices, "to support the price factors too much, scarce, tight supply and demand, oligarchy, small varieties easy to speculation, As well as the current situation of the Congo, etc. "There are brokerage researcher to the reporter analysis.

Thought to rise, but did not think up so fast! "Fujian, a large new energy battery manufacturers, a purchasing manager to the reporter.

According to statistics on February 13, 2017, the reference price of metal cobalt is 377,000 yuan per ton, four months ago, October 22, 2016, metal cobalt offer at 22 million, during the period Or more than 70%. February 1 this year, the price of metal cobalt is 295,000 yuan per ton, this month has risen about 25%.

Even if the price has risen sharply, but the supply of cobalt products is still very tense.

22 afternoon, this reporter contacted the Huayou Cobalt sales department, the other reply, cobalt oxide, cobalt oxide and other products have all stopped the offer, "out of stock, suspended offer." "How to get the goods?" " There is no goods now. "

Huayou Cobalt is one of the largest cobalt suppliers in China. Grammy, Huayou Cobalt, Jinchuan Group, the three occupied the market half of the country.

"We can not say that we are completely out of stock now, but it's definitely a matter of first tranche, and then we're going to ship it again." Green is also one of the largest cobalt suppliers in the country, and in 2016, Metal cobalt production reached 10,000 tons, cobalt plate revenue accounted for about half of the company's total revenue.

Jinchuan Group sales reply, the company is currently only a small number of long-term cooperation of the manufacturers supply, has stopped selling. Jinchuan is the traditional cobalt industry big brother, sitting in China's only high quality cobalt ore resources. It is worth mentioning that the group's company Jinchuan technology has been listed on the new three board, but has launched IPO listing counseling.