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Technical Characteristics And Development Trend Of Lithium Battery Testing System
Apr 14, 2017

Detection system industry technical level and the type of batteries, lithium battery indicators, 

application areas, etc. are closely related.

 At present, the main products such as 18650 batteries, flexible battery,

 square lithium batteries and other batteries charge and discharge detection and chemical equipment

 has been more mature,

 and with the new energy vehicles related to the energy feedback of the battery charge

 and discharge detection system, battery Group working conditions simulation detection system,

 high-power battery pack charge and discharge detection system and 

other detection technology is constantly being developed and promoted.

     Lithium battery requirements are different, 

the technical requirements for the detection system is also different.

 Lithium battery detection system technology is more complex, 

involving measurement and control technology, energy conversion technology,

 power conversion technology, system integration and process technology,

 the corresponding technology development and

 integration capabilities determine the quality of the detection system, 

with the lithium battery applications continue to expand

 And industry technology progress, lithium battery detection system to energy saving, 

high efficiency, high performance, high precision, intelligent direction.

1, energy saving, detection efficiency and detection accuracy

     With the lithium battery product power increases, the expansion of application areas and

 lower business costs to reduce production costs, 

lithium battery testing system, energy efficiency, 

detection efficiency and power requirements accordingly increased.

 At present, the traditional energy-consuming high-power charge and

 discharge lithium battery detection system, 

in the charge and discharge process to consume a lot of power, 

and the use of technologies such as energy feedback technology can significantly reduce energy 

consumption, and achieved significant energy savings. 

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