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Th National Seminar On Lead-acid Battery Technology Successfully Concluded
Dec 09, 2016

October 2016, 16-17th, by the Chinese Academy of engineering, energy and Mining Engineering Department, the China battery industry association, Shandong Shengyang power hosted the forth session of the national seminar on lead-acid battery technology held in Qufu, Shandong province. The theme of the seminar is "industrialization of new technologies, new products and sustainable development". From the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry, the Chinese Academy of engineering, industry association leaders, national universities, research institutes, experts, professors, Xinhua News Agency, the consumption daily, securities times, battery energy storage network China network, China and other authoritative media, and lead-acid battery business at home and abroad on behalf of more than 300 people attended the meeting. This times Conference get superior government sector, and research hospital by and industry enterprise of height attention, participate in this times Conference of has: original China Light Federation Deputy President Zhang Shanmei, China engineering hospital energy and Mining Engineering Department Director, and academician Peng Suping, China engineering hospital academician Yang Yusheng, Ministry Consumer Industrial Division Director Gao Yanmin, national NDRC industry Coordination Division Director Li ping, China Light Federation Deputy Secretary-General Yu Xuejun,, China battery industrial association, Chairman of Zhao Jinsheng, China engineering hospital a Council Deputy Secretary Wang Zhenhai, led. Meanwhile, group Chairman Zhang Tianren, shuangdeng Group Chairman Yang Shanji, camel Group President Liu Changlai, Shengyang, Chairman the power Song Bin, leoch international, General Manager of technology Dong Jie and super group, sails limited liability company, southern power company battery business leaders, experts and scholars attended the meeting. Participants on lead-acid battery future technology trends and innovation in applications and other industry hot topics discussed.