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The Light Industry Development Plan (2016-2020) Released
Dec 09, 2016

For implement implementation national "Thirteen-Five" planning platform for and China manufacturing 2025, according to on issued industrial and information Department "Thirteen-Five" planning system of notification (workers letter Office rules (2015) 24th,) of about requirements, recently, industrial and information Department Department prepared released has light development planning (2016-2020) (Ministry rules (2016) No. 241,, following referred to planning). Planning proposed, "Thirteen-Five" to to market for oriented, to improve development quality and benefits for Center, to depth adjustment, and innovation upgrade for mainline, to enterprise for subject, to enhanced innovation, and quality management and brand construction capacity for focus, vigorously implementation increased varieties, and mention quality, and create brand of "three products" strategy, improved camp business environment, from supply side and needs side ends punches, advance intelligent and green manufacturing, optimization industry structure, building intelligent of, and green of, and service of and international of new light manufacturing system, To build strong and lay the Foundation for service complete the building of well-off society goal. The plan vigorously implement the "third grade" strategies, enhance independent innovation ability, actively promoting the development of intelligent, strive to readjust the industrial structure, and implementing green manufacturing at home and abroad, and six put forward specific tasks such as market deployment. The plan as the "Thirteen-Five" special plan for guiding the development of light industry during the period, will guide the future five-year innovative development of light industry, promoted by "light power" to "light power".