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The Reports Of China's Energy Storage Of Lithium Battery On 2015
Jul 19, 2017

China's energy storage lithium battery in 2014 to achieve the output value of 5.2 billion yuan, an increase of 28%, is expected to compound growth in the next five years will be more than 40%. The driving force of growth is mainly from the policy support, lithium battery cost-effective and energy storage technology.


In the energy storage lithium battery industry boom in the context of a substantial increase in the number of entrants gradually increased, and many enterprises and investors into the field of energy storage lithium batteries, do not understand the current situation of the industry, the lack of industry-related data. In order to provide more accurate and accurate decision-making and investment basis for the industry and the investment community, GGII has adopted a large number of field research on the major energy storage lithium batteries and its upstream and downstream enterprises, Characters face to face interviews, collected a large number of first-hand information on the basis of the formation of the "2015 China's energy storage lithium battery industry research report (fourth edition)".


This report makes a detailed study and analysis on the industry characteristics, policy environment, market size, competition pattern, application field and technology trend of China's energy storage lithium battery industry in 2014. (GGII) hope that through the actual investigation and study, for business decision-makers, investment institutions and want to understand the Chinese lithium battery industry, to provide the most accurate and most valuable reference