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The Safety Of Spontaneous Combustion Super Charge Piles Caused By Charging In Tesla 4S
Mar 06, 2017

March 4, Tesla Shanghai Jinqiao super charging station occurred with a Tesla Model S models charged fire burning accident, the accident also spread to a Tesla next to a total of two Tesla damage, did not cause Casualties.

Fire when the vehicle was located in the Jinqiao super charging station charging, after the fire, the charge station management staff the first time the police and evacuated the station charge other vehicles.

As the Tesla lithium battery water burning properties, firefighters and field staff using dry powder fire extinguishers for fighting. Incident Shanghai Jinqiao super charging station opposite Shanghai is the first Tesla 4S shop, is also China's first Tesla 4S shop.

It is reported that the incident in the fire before the long-term occupation of the Tesla super charging station parking spaces, and connect the charge, whether the long charge caused by overheating caused by the fire, it is not known, hope Tesla can reply as soon as possible.