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Mar 10, 2017


1)What is the mean of pos?

The point of sale system (POS) is actually a modern upgrade of the cash register. No matter the industry you're a part of, the POS system will increase your business's productivity by allowing you to manage and track various forms of transactions, returns, customer info, and available inventories. Most modern POS systems use a combination of hardware and software that can be technically complex. Our POS System Buyer's Guide will explain all the features, benefits and suggestions for investing in a POS system. The first step before purchasing a POS system is getting a solid understanding of the unique benefits it brings to your business. Here is a breakdown of the latest benefits of utilizing modern POS capabilities.

2)Why we need POS

The benefits of installing a modern POS system cannot be stressed enough and will more than pay for itself by:

  • Increasing employee productivity

  • Reducing inventory shrinkage due to theft, waste, and employee misuse.

  • Ensuring pricing accuracy.

  • Improving your sales report margins by helping you focus on higher profit margin items.

  • Accurately reporting daily, weekly or monthly transactions and available cash profit.

  • Managing inventory to keep the right stock on hand, determining target sales trends.

  • Building a customer contact list for advertising or incentive programs with sales.

  • Updating software gives you access to the latest features.

  • Alerting you when to reorder inventory.

It's important to remember that POS systems are diverse and are categorized based on their presence within specific industries. There are a number of unique aspects for which each system has been tailored and are listed below:

3)What kinds of things we need if we us the POS?

A)The POS terminal's computer is the central component that runs its application. It is recommended that you get all your hardware and software from one source provider so that they can be responsible for your entire system. This ensures that setup, ongoing support, and system compatibility happens easier and more seamlessly. Because POS applications are not very taxing on a computer, a low-end device that ranges between $500 to $800 range should suffice. Most POS software does require newer operating systems, Vista, or 7 (Windows XP makes your POS system more vulnerable to security threats); however, software for Mac, Linux, or other operating systems is very rare.

4)How to drive the Portable POS

Of course your need the battery such as 3.7V, 7.4V battery for the capacity 3500mah, 4000mah.

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