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Up And Down The Two Squeeze 18650 Battery Companies Down The Cost Of What?
Mar 07, 2017

"Down the cost" has become an important keyword in 2017 battery business.

From the upstream supply side, since the beginning of the year, including lithium cobalt oxide, copper foil, electrolyte, aluminum plastic film, packaging materials, silicone and other lithium battery raw materials have different levels of price increases. Especially ternary materials, by the high cobalt prices uplift, there will rise every week the situation. At present, the mainstream materials business ternary material offer has reached 20 million / ton, compared to previous year rose 39.86%.

From the downstream demand side point of view, the subsidy of the New Deal directly linked to the energy density, subsidies and other policies to adjust the slope directly lead to a strong demand for vehicle manufacturers to cut prices. OEMs and battery companies into bargaining stalemate battle. It is understood that the current price difference between the two sides expected to reach 15% -20%.

Faced with suppliers and customers of the two squeeze, three yuan 18650 battery business experience is particularly evident. Battery companies in the end how to reduce costs? Recently, in the spring of 2017 spring tea, Dongguan Zhenhua new energy general manager Li Shujun proposed for small and medium enterprises, 2017 should return to the product, focusing on technology upgrades and internal optimization.

High-Li power grid from the Bik, Far East Foster, Chong Ming, Zhenhua and many other 18650 mainstream battery companies learned that to strengthen cooperation with the upstream and downstream supply chain has become the general trend of the lithium industry; from technology research and development, To improve the production line pass rate is a number of companies jointly choose the cost of the law; in the market and product strategy, these battery companies have chosen to do a good job 3C digital and power battery two markets, and further optimize the product structure, aimed at customers. In the power market fluctuations, the consolidation of the traditional digital business has become a lot of battery companies to resolve the pressure of a major choice.