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US UAV Speed Through The Guinness Book Of World Records With 1300 MAh Lithium Battery
Jul 21, 2017

US UAV lovers recently manipulated a battery with four rotor unmanned aerial vehicles hit the "fastest fly UAV" Guinness Book of World Records.

According to the US Science and Technology Discovery website reported on the 16th, although the new record, this called "contestant X" UAV maximum speed of 263 km, but in fact, it can reach a maximum speed of 289 km.

The main reason for this difference is that in the determination of whether or not to create a Guinness Book of World Records, "Participant X" must move forward and backward 100 meters, and take the average of the two highest speed in flight as the final result. This record is 263 km.

In the United States online magazine "motherboard" website Louise Matsa Sarkis said, in fact, "contestant X" the fastest speed can reach 289 km. She also said that "contestants X" record will undoubtedly make more unmanned aerial enthusiasts eager to challenge.

Reported that the US UAV lovers formed "UAV racing alliance", and in the 13th in the Guinness Book of World Records judge witnessed the birth of a new record.

UAV "Participant X" weighs 800 grams and is equipped with a 1300 mAh lithium polymer battery. "Even if you do not see it over, you will have to hear that its horizontal rotors can turn 46,000 revolutions per minute to create a treble buzz," says Jamie Kandelief of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Technical Review. "