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What Are The Factors That Affect The Electric Car Battery Life?
Dec 09, 2016

Compared with the other modes, the electric car has too many advantages, faster than a bike, comfortable than cars to save money, and save time, high efficiency, and most importantly, cheap, low cost, and doesn't require expensive maintenance, no driver's license, so electric cars can be swept China in such a short time. However, in electric vehicles in use, there is a problem is very popular with consumers concerned about, it's electric car battery life problems.

As we all know, ordinary life of battery is generally about two years, and the quality is relatively good, nice 3-5, but in fact, many families with batteries up to life, almost always you can scrap it halfway through. And because of this, is affected by many external factors. So, influence factors of electric vehicle battery life, what does?

Charging less than

Some young people do not pay attention to when using maintenance batteries, always when not plugged in charging, with direct pull down, whether charged or not, run out of charge, seems to be very convenient, but it's actually the battery damage is very great. And battery is always insufficient, over time will lead to internal chemical reactions are inadequate, resulting in capacitor reduces, natural range will be reduced.

Second, the load is too large

A light weight rider electric vehicles to be heavier than the weight of the rider electric vehicles consume much less power, so in terms of charging and recharging tend to be less than the former, up to a certain number of scrapped and, therefore, also suggested that you'd better not here often load is too large, preferably within the approved scope, so that batteries can be a little long.

Third, excessive discharge and then charge

This kind of charged products for other, but are not suitable for electric vehicle batteries. Because batteries cannot discharge too, otherwise you will damage the activity of cell surface, leading to problems with chemical reactions, thus lowering the capacitance.

Four, use old and new batteries

Batteries used in some families is combined, which tend to run out, some can also be used. In this context, it is recommended that do not use old and new batteries, or cause other battery damage, also left a security risk.