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What Is The Price Of Cobalt? What Is The Future Demand For Cobalt In The Domestic Battery Area?
Mar 03, 2017

Cobalt is an important strategic metal, is an excellent alloy and battery material, widely used in battery materials and alloy manufacturing. The recent rise in cobalt prices, touched the industry's nerves.

February 22, the reference price of metal cobalt is 377,000 yuan per ton, and just four months ago, that is, October 22, 2016, metal cobalt offer in the per ton 22 Million or so, or more than 70%. Only in February this year, February 1 metal cobalt price of 295,000 yuan per ton, this month has risen about 25%.

Multi-party sources show that affected by the price hike, Huayou Cobalt, Green Mei and Jinchuan Group, the three largest domestic suppliers of cobalt cobalt products are difficult to find a part of cobalt products to suspend the offer. In the securities market, the cobalt industry-related listed companies have a substantial increase in stock, such as Huayou Cobalt 23 evening announcement that the company for three consecutive trading days on the closing price increase over the cumulative value of more than 20%.

In 2008-2016, the price of cobalt has been relatively stable, why in the near future explosive growth in the industry, the cause of cobalt prices caused by the most direct and the most fundamental reason is the explosive growth of three yuan lithium battery.

In recent years, ternary batteries have become one of the important applications of cobalt. Although the amount of cobalt alone is small, but with the introduction of the national new energy vehicle subsidies New Deal, ternary battery due to the advantages of energy density favored, a large number of power battery companies will focus on the production of three yuan battery.

"In 2016, more than 80% of China's cobalt demand from the battery field.Especially since the fourth quarter of last year, ternary battery demand concentrated out of the current new energy passenger cars and special vehicles to the ternary battery is the trend, ternary batteries accounted for Than the increase will be a long-term increase in the demand for cobalt. "Union Securities analyst Ma Song told reporters.