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What's Is Humanoid Robots,how To Choose Humanorid Robots Battery
Mar 20, 2017

Humanoid robots are robots that are at least loosely based on the appearance of the human body. Most humanoid robots have a humanoid torso, two legs, two arms, and some form of a head. Some humanoid robots also include a face on the head, which can come in different degrees of expressiveness. Although the ideas behind this type of robot have existed for some time now, it is only within the last decade that large enough strides have been made to actually present relatively humanoid robots to the world.

In the future, the humanoid robots will do lots of things!

 as a teacher for very young children, who can become engaged and bonded to them without suffering many of the negative responses that adults have. As humanoid robots continue to develop, they may take many human roles for work, especially for situations like space missions, undersea missions, or exploratory missions to dangerous locales on earth.

In fact the humnoid robots is start by battery!

How to Choose battery is very important!

It should be safety and stable, besides it should be good quality, not fire not explosive and water-proof.

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