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In 1999, 10 KAYO was established in Shenzhen.

In 2000, 07 The Japanese technical experts came to worked in China, and KAYO Nickel Battery Business Division went into operation in Shenzhen.

In 2001, 09 KAYO Co., Ltd has passed the quality assurance system certification of ISO9001

In 2003, 01 Lithium battery business Division was established, producing cylindrical lithium batteries in Shenzhen. 

In 2006,03  All series of products have met the testing requirements of RoHS.

In 2007,06  Lithium battery business Division has passed the system certification of ISO14001.

In 2010, 06 KAYO and HITACHI reached a consensus on the cooperative agreement and successfully entered the supplier system of Japanese electronics giant-Toshiba.

In 2013, 04 KAYO signed agreement and began deeply cooperation with Philips.

In 2014, 08  the industrial zone of Kayo in Hunan started operation and 

its scale is developing expanding increasingly.

In 2015~2016, developed our own BMS R&D team on professional motivation battery and better energy storage solutions.